Useful Tools

Here are a number of useful tools that we use regularly here at Clarion IS.  We hope you find them useful//helpful, too!

Please feel free to share...

APC UPS Selector tool - calculate the most appropriate APC UPS for the power load and run-time that you're trying to achieve.

RAID Calculator - for figuring out how many hard drives/usable disk space and the best RAID configuration for your setup.


HP warranty checker - You can use this handy tool from HP to check when those care packs expire and your current level of support/cover with HP.  Clarion IS can offer hp care pack and post warranties on all HPE hardware to bring your support up to date if it's nearly out of cover.  Speak to our sales team to find out more!

HPE Warranty Checker - as with the above tool, you can use this one from HPE to check on the warranty of your servers, storage and networking equipment from HPE.

HPE Quickspecs library - for full product specifications and compatibility details for the HPE product range of servers, storage and networking equipment.

HP Partsurfer - find all of the components/parts that make up your server/laptop/pc etc. If you need a spare part, this is the place to check!

HP EOL library - Click here to find out what replacments are available for your end-of-life equiptment.