Reclaim Your Storage!

We have a new technology partner here at Clarion, and we're very excited about the products they offer! NXPowerlite is a software that is perfect businesses of any size and can save you huge amounts of your strorage space by effortlessly shrinking your documents and images, without impairing their quality in any way.  It can be used on file servers, exchange servers and there are licensing options for desktops and laptops as well. 


So how does it work?

So you're probably excited about the prospect of solving your businesses storage and data troubles, and we are too!

It is a smart software tool that will remove the unnecessary “bloat” from your files without loweing the image quality or endangering any of the used data in the file. Take a look at some of the below examples of PDF’s that have been through the optimization process, to see if you can tell the difference:


Check out the differences on PDF’s for yourself:

Original PDF

Optimized PDF (77% smaller than original)


You may thinking “this looks fine but what about all of our marketing material and designs”. Well don’t worry we have that covered too, take a look at these professionally taken images below and as you can probably tell, there are no differences at all between the two (other than the file size!):



Optimized (2.3 MB – 58% reduction)

Optimized (1.6 MB – 71% reduction)


The details:


Applications that create PDF files, such as Adobe Photoshop or Acrobat, can store information within a PDF for use when editing the file. This information can only be used by the application which created the file and is not needed to display the PDF. For most cases we recommend deleting this data, as it will have no effect on the use of the PDF file.


Where appropriate, NXPowerLite applies additional JPEG compression to images. The default setting (8) will result in an undetectable loss of quality, even at 100% zoom or when printed. NXPowerLite uses a number of additional techniques to reduce the amount of data in JPEG files, resulting in impressive size reduction without any discernible loss of quality. These techniques include optimized Huffman coding and Chroma subsampling. Note: By default JPEG images are not resized as part of the optimization process and EXIF metadata is preserved.


This software also works incredibly efficiently when it comes to Microsoft applications, this is probably the 3rd biggest waste of storage for people in modern day IT so what about if we could reduce your storage drastically using a few steps…


All of these can be used on your Microsoft documents and can all be used individually or all together, its totally up to you what you would like to do with your files. As we mentioned at the beginning of the blog we saved 51.9% of storage through this software and you could too, so why not give it a try, even on a small scale, or give us a call to take a look at our free trial software that can show you just how much storage you could save.


For more information on pricing give us a call or talk to your account manager today and get 5% off your order:




We performed a scan here on our file server at Clarion, and could make a 51% saving across all of our files, using NXpowerlite.  So instead of an ever growing collection of hard disks and storage devices - how about you optimise your files and reclaim your storage, using NXPowerlite?

Speak to your Clarion account manager to discuss a free trial and pricing options, and RECLAIM YOUR STORAGE!